Wonder Festival thoughts

Was it just me, or did it seem that this year had a lot more than past years’ events? Maybe the smaller summer event after the Tohoku Earthquake/Tsunami had something to do with it, but it just felt like there was more this year. More companies, a lot, lot more figures and a lot more surprises.

Garage kits: they felt better sclupted and more diverse for sure. No Vocaloid avalance, no monsoon of Madoka … just plenty to look at and I think some new names were in the mix. Hopefully the summer will prove that these are real trends because a wide diversity means everyone wins.

Good Smile seemed to have an endless supply of surprises, from figma Link to Nendo Minnie Mouse’s reappearance (with Chip and Dale, apparently!) to the sheer volume of Nendoroids that were there. I counted 25 new ones alone. Add that on top of all the releases this year … and well, the Nendoroid market is quite busy.

Were there any disappointments? Not really. I’d kind of hoped to see more from some of the smaller companies as well as perhaps Bandai, but it seels Bandai’s gone to Toy Fair to do a lot of their reveals this year. Kotobukiya had new releases at both, so in a way, they may actually have had the most in hindsight if you combine the two.

If anything, a healthy figure market is a good sign because it means that things are getting better. Slowly (as we still have the rotten yen-to-dollar conversion rate) but getting better. I might post a list of some of my favorites later, but no promises.