This is how the world begins

Well, it seems as though I’ve finally caved. Yep, I’m now the proud owner of my own little slice of the blogosphere that’s just me and me alone.

Of course, that leads to the following question: “Who the f*** are you?”

My name’s Brian. I’m 25, live in Ohio and love games and collectibles. I’m currently heading the ship at Tomopop and hope to start freelancing for a number of gaming sites (wish me luck on that). I’ve got more interests outside of that as well that I’m sure I’ll share over time.

But why blog here? Because it offers me the full ability to just relax, not worry about things and take them at my own pace. There’s no deadlines, no guidelines; just me, my thoughts, and you, the reader of this blog.

I’m not sure how often I’ll update this (don’t expect every day, if I can be a bit honest), but I’ll try to make it a regular effort.